Freely explore Pan Gu while creating your own adventures. All quests and monsters are individually tweaked providing you a seemless leveling experience with a myriad of options on your journey.


Discord authentication provides a quicker and safer way to log in. Hop into the game without needing any other account or password.


Prepare yourself to face powerful foes and conquer the battlefield. Choose your favorite class, develop your skills, and fight legendary battles. Earn GOLD by defeating other players in the arena.



  • Patch: 1.5.1 v101 New Horizons
  • Completely reworked leveling curve with rebalanced combat
  • Low Ping
  • PvPvE
  • Max Level: 105
  • Max Reawaken: 2
  • Max Refine: +12
  • Auto-Cultivation & Auto-Path
  • Custom skill visual effects


  • Level 1 with one reawaken from maximum level.
  • Level 59 cultivation.
  • All skills up to level 59 in rank 1.
  • All teleport points unlocked.
  • Legacy equipment, platinum HP and MP charms, and starter flyer and mount.
  • Starting gift containing:
    • 5x Hyper Exp Stone
    • 100x Teleport Stone
    • 100x Teleport Incense
    • 50x Holy Pill
    • 50x Mystical Pill
    • 99x Dream Guardian Scroll
    • 5x Training Esoterica
    • 10x Arcane Sky Pill
    • 100x Blessed Juice
    • 6x Warm Jade War Avatar Pack
    • 1x Pickaxe
    • 1x Supply Stash
    • 1x Spirit of Cultivation (Grants instant ascension to Celestial Sage or Demon)


  • No registration needed. Log in directly with your discord account.
  • 25+ world bosses with epic rewards.
  • Bosses on the elf, human, and untamed starter zones offer great rewards for beginners.
  • No private instancing. Only public maps are accessible.
  • Meditation allowed on the main map with no daily limits.
  • Earn GOLD per hour online and from many quests in-game.
  • All dragon quest materials drop on death.
  • Single unified custom morai group with all benefits from the 3 original groups.
  • Huge increase on material yield for collecting using the pickaxe.
  • All flights and mounts have the same, normalized speed. The differences are only cosmetic.
  • Custom Hyper Exp rates with no exhaustion.
  • Obtain in-game resources (e.g. daimons, cards, etc) without RNG.
  • Adjusted attribute rates of all relevant items with less RNG for a more pleasant rerolling experience.
  • No territory level restriction for territorial wars.


Event Time Rewards
Cube of Fate Daily GOLD, Cube Game Coins, Pills, XP/SP
Celestial Tiger Monday at 21:00 Celestial Shard, Celestial Insignia
Nation War Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 20:20 ~ 21:20 Supply Tokens
PvP Arena Always Arena Reward Tickets
World Boss Always (24 hours respawn timer) GOLD, Coins, Nuema
Deathmatch Arena Always Stake Stones (Coins)
Martial Arts Tournament Thursday at 20:00 Warsoul Tag
Territorial Wars Friday at 20:00, Saturday and Sunday at 14:00 and 17:00 Territories, Medal of Glory, Coins
Rancor Invasion
Time Places
03:00 ~ 04:00
Level Locations
30 South Stalking Stronghold, Ground of Logging
50 Allied Army Camp
70 Sundown Town
80 Dreaming Cloud Village
90 Fire Bathing Village, South Screen Town
104 Shattered Ice
09:00 ~ 10:00
Level Locations
30 Walled Stronghold, Antiquity Entreance
50 Orchis Sereene
70 Camp of Sumor
80 Fangs Town
90 Notting Village, Reckless Beauty Village
104 Snowswept Village
15:00 ~ 16:00
Level Locations
30 Village of the Hidden Hero, Cambridge Village, Bamboo Village
50 Mirror Lake
70 Clan of Haste, Town of Forwarding Wind
80 Arrow Stepping Manor, City of Misfortune
90 Village of the Lost, Town of Sanctuary
104 Expeditionary Camp
22:30 ~ 23:30
Level Locations
30 Vicinage Town, Barbarian Village
50 Fishing Village
70 Town of Arriving
80 Whetstone Stronghold
90 East Screen Town, North Screen Town
104 Avalanche
XP/SP, Coins, Reputation, Dragon Ashes
* All times are based on UTC
For more information access our Discord.



1. Download the launcher.
2. Extract everything to an empty folder.
3. Execute "opatcher.exe" .
4. Wait for the procedure to complete*.
* it may take a while depending on your drive and network speeds

Google Drive

1. Download the complete game client.
2. Extract everything to an empty folder.
3. Execute "opatcher.exe" .
4. Wait for the procedure to complete.


1. Download all 4 client parts.
(We recommend using a download manager to avoid corruption issues)
2. Download the launcher.
3. Extract both the client and the launcher to the same, empty folder.
(We recommend using 7-Zip to avoid corruption issues)
4. Execute "opatcher.exe".